Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Finished Video

Thanks to all the Lost fans who have previewed this. Your feedback and encouragement are most appreciated.

Thanks most of all and Mega Props to my video editor who has chosen to remain anonymous.
You know who you are and you seriously rock.

No affiliation whatsover with ABC-TV or Bad Robot - just a dorky fan with an unhealthy obsession.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

In A Perfect World Complications Disappear

Below is the Storyboard I provided to my Video Editor to provide the cues and sequences:

Intro: (Guitar/Drum)
Jacob Spinning / Jacob invites Hurley to share cab, he climbs in (the Incident)

No I don't believe in luck
Hurley watching Lotto, his winning ticket, fainting (Numbers)

No I don't believe in circumstance no more
Hurley and Miles watching Numbers being stamped into Swan Hatch Door (some like it hoth)

Accidents never happen in a perfect world

Hurley outside his new franchise, meteorite crashes in, blowing it to bits (Trisha Tanaka)

So I won't believe in luck
Hurley siting in red Camaro with dad, seees numbesr on Odometer, fleeing (There's no place like home pt 1)

I saw you walking in the dark
Jack running stadium stairs (Man of Science...)

So I slipped behind your footsteps for a while
Desmond running stairs / talking with jack in stands (Man of Science...)

Caught you turning round the block
Jack entering Swan Station, looking at wall - neck chain dangling, pulling toward wall (Man of Science...)

Fancy meeting in a smaller world, after all
Jack and Desmond regarding each other in Swan ("You!) (Man of Science...)

Accidents never happen, could have planned it all
Locke watches Yemi's plane crash (follow the leader?),

Precognition in my ears

Eko whispers "Your Next" into John's ear (cost of living)

Accidents never happen in a perfect world
Locke Turning Donkey Wheel - Flashing Out (this place is death)

Complications disappear
Ben "helping" John, then Strangling him (life and death of Jeremy Bentham)

Now you love me (passion)
Quick cuts of Kate kissing Jack (What Kate Did), Kate Kissing Sawyer (I Do), Juliet Kissing Jack (The Other Woman) Juliet Kissing Sawyer (La Fleur)

I, yeah, I can tell (domestic bliss)
Jack and Kate at home off island (something nice back home), Kate and Sawyer in Bed (Eggtown), Jack and Juliet eating together at Beach Camp (catch 22) , Sawyer, Juliet evening at home (namaste)

I never lied, I never cried (it begins to fall apart)
Jack Screaming, accusing Kate (Something Nice Back Home), Kate slaps Sawyer (eggtown), Juliet Confronts Jack ins Shower (whatever happend), Juliet breask down in front of Sawyer (the incident)

And you, you knew so well (the end)
Kate Drives away from Jack (theres no place like home pt 2), Sawyer jumps out of helcopter leaving Kate behind (there's no place like home part 2),Jack and Kate depart leaving Juliet behind (There's no place like home part 1), Sawyer and Juliet let go thier grasp in the Swan hatch well (the incident)

Like the Magi on the hill
Mrs. Hawkins & Desmond demonstrating destiny/course correction (flashes before your eyes)

I can divinate your presence from afar

Mrs. Hawking and losties at Searchlight, observing Pendulum/Map (316)

And I'll follow you until
Jack receiving private counsel from Mrs. Hawking / places Christian's shoes on dead Locke's feet (316)

I can bring you to a perfect world
Oceanic 6 go to their seats on Flight 316 / Jack reads John's Suicide Letter (316)

Accidents never happen, could have planned it all
Locke in jungle receiving compass from Alpert, "Locke" & Ben Look on (Because You Left, Follow the Leader)

Precognition in my ears
Locke at Hostiles Camp with Alpert, giving compass (Jughead)

Accidents never happen in a perfect world
Young Locke at home being tested by Alpert - knife, compass, sand (cabin fever)

Complications disappear
Ben stabbing Jacob, Locke kicking Jacob into fire (the incident part2)

Now you love me
Jin Meets Sun for 1st time after being fired from hotel job (in translation)

I, yeah, I can tell
Jin and Sun Married, meeting Jacob (the incident)

I never lied, I never cried
Sun sits up in bed having been discovered with Jay Li / Jin is beating on Jay Li in Hotel room (Glass Ballerina)

And you, you knew so well
Jay Li crashes on top of Jin's car (Glass Ballerina)

Now you love me

Juliet and Goodwin on Picnic (the other woman)

I, yeah, I can tell

Ben welcoming Juliet to new otherton(the other woman)

I never lied, I never cried

Ben and Juliet working as goodwin awkwardly brings her sandwhich (the other woman)

And you, you knew so well
Ben Sends goodwin on Recon Mission, shows Juliet goodwin's remains, she's crying (the other woman)

Instrumental Break (3 Choruses ~ 5 second each)

Chorus 1
Charlie chucking heroin - finding Virgins statues (The Moth, Exodus)

Chorus 2
Hurley and Walt reading comic w/Polar Bear - Polar bear attack on island (Exodus Part2, special)

Chorus 3
Flirting w/Hurley, Libby Meeting Desmond, Libby in Asylum, (Fire + Water, Dave, Live Together Die Alone)

Accidents never happen in a perfect world
Juliets ex hit by bus (not in portland), Emily Locke hit by Car (Cabin Fever)

Accidents never happen
Nadia hit while she and Sayid talking to Jacob in LA (The Incident)
Jack witnesses accident while contemplating suicide on bridge, runs to rescue victims (through the looking glass)

Instrumental Coda (8 1/4 Choruses to fade)
1st Chorus
Christian directs Locke to Donkey wheel (this place is death)

2nd Chorus 12345rest 12345&
Lock Falls out Window, JAcob touches him (the incident)

3rd Chorus 12345rest 12345&
Christian shows Sun and Frank Dharma recruit photo (namaste)

4th Chorus
Jacob gives pen to young sawyer (the incident)

5th Chorus
Christian appears to Claire holding Aaron, Christian & Claire in cabin (Something Nice Back Home, cabin fever)

6th Chorus
Jacob hands Jack appollo bar (the incident)

7th Chorus
Christian sends Vincent off to wake up Jack, Jack's Eye Opens, he see's Vincent (so it begins mobisode, Pilot Part 1)

8th Chorus(fading)
Juliet at bottom of well, smashing rock against bomb, white flash - White LOST logo (the incident)